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Protect Your Valuables With Personal Inland Marine Insurance From Kretschmer Insurance

As a home or property owner you want to keep everything that matters to you safe. You have worked hard and want to feel protected from certain unforeseen and unanticipated events such as fire, theft, flood or natural disaster and other occurrences that could cause damage to your personal belongings. While you may have a homeowners insurance policy, this alone is not enough to cover all of your prized possessions. If one day your home is broken into and your jewelry comes up missing will you be able to pay to replace it?

If not, you need personal inland marine insurance coverage.

What is Inland Marine Insurance Coverage?

Personal Inland Marine Insurance coverage works as an extension of your homeowners insurance policy to offer additional protection. Inland Marine Insurance, also called personal property insurance, is special coverage for distinctive items such as jewelry, fine arts and silverware. Coverage for these types of items might otherwise be excluded or limited on your homeowners policy. To protect these valuables, you need extra coverage beyond the limits of your homeowners insurance. In this case, Kretschmer personal inland marine insurance can help.

A personal inland marine insurance policy provides “all risk” coverage and will follow the insured item anywhere, protecting your personal property from damaged while being transported. Your personal property is precious and valuable to you, and should have adequate insurance protection, which personal inland marine insurance from Kretschmer Insurance can provide.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland Marine Insurance from Kretschmer Insurance provides coverage to protect your investment in items such as:

Most of your valuable jewelry will be covered by your personal inland marine insurance coverage. Each piece will be looked at very closely to determine the exact value and whether or not each piece will be covered. Be ready to have your jewelry carefully looked at and appraised for its value before it gets covered!

Fine Arts
Your personal inland marine insurance policy can cover a varying range of fine art pieces if they are damaged or stolen. Each piece will be valued individually. Fine art iteams that may be covered include paintings, antiques, rare books, valuable manuscripts, ornamental collectibles and more.

Photography equipment and accessories are normally covered with personal property insurance. This can include cameras, lenses, video recording equipment, projection machines, photographic lights, film, binoculars, telescopes and additional accessories

Collectable items
Some of your rare and most prized collectible items may be covered with personal inland marine insurance. They will be looked at individually to determine coverage amounts and to see if they will be listed individually or in a blanket basis. Collectible items that may be covered include coins, stamp collections, gun collections, trophies and more.

Personal inland marine policies also include furs and items made with fur, such as fur coats, boots, and other clothing items made with genuine or imitation fur, or even those trimmed or lined with fur. As with most other types of personal property covered by personal inland marine, each item will have its own unique value to be covered should it become lost, damaged, or stolen.

Golfing Equipment
Golf equipment is also covered under personal inland marine insurance including the golf clubs, accessories, and even the clothes, shoes and hats of the golfer. Each piece of golfing equipment, accessories, and clothing will be listed on the insurance schedule with the value.

Musical Instruments
Most of your musical instruments and musical instrument equipment or accessories can be covered by a personal property insurance policy. This includes not only all of your musical instruments but also equipment like amplifiers, sound equipment and other types of accessories used alongside your musical instruments.

If you have silverware or goldware valuables in your home, it can also be covered under your personal inland marine insurance policy. Rather than being covered as one lump sum, each individual silverware or goldware item may be listed separately according to its approximate value for the insurance.

Premier Personal Inland Marine Coverage in Florida From Kretschmer Insurance

From jewelry to collectibles, you might have more valuables than you realize. Personal Inland Marine insurance or valuable items coverage can help to give you peace of mind. A personal inland marine policy provides coverage that is more comprehensive against damage to, or theft of, your valuables. With this expanded coverage, you will no longer need to worry about recovering from the loss of your most valuable possessions.

When you insure your valuable property with Kretschmer Insurance, you'll get the benefit of our superior claims handling service. If you insure jewelry with us, we'll consult with our nationally respected appraisal and wholesale jeweler partners who can replace lost jewelry quickly and efficiently. You can rest a little easier washing dishes, as your diamond engagement ring will be replaced with personal inland marine insurance in the event it slips down the sink.

At Kretschmer Insurance, we work with you to decide if you have property that needs to be covered by a personal inland marine insurance policy. We offer a variety of coverage so you can get the exact valuables insurance that you need at the best rate possible!

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Do you have any questions about Personal Inland Marine insurance? We have the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions! At Kretschmer Insurance, we want to make sure that you insure your jewelry or other valuable and prized possessions the proper way. If you decide you want to insure your personal property there are various options to choose from, which we’d love to discuss with you. We’d love to offer our insight and advice and provide you with more information on personal Inland Marine Insurance in order to help you choose the personal property insurance that is right for your situation.

If you’re ready to see how much you could save on Treasure Coast personal inland marine insurance in Ft Pierce, Florida or its surroundings including the ‎St. Lucie County, Indian River County, Martin County and Okeechobee County, Florida areas, call Kretschmer Insurance today at (772)467-6656. Or for a free online home insurance quote, fill out the quote form on this page.

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