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Marina Insurance is a Necessity to Stay Afloat in Florida

While many marina owners or boat harbor operators in Florida understand a great deal about the insurance coverage needs of individual boats and watercrafts, it’s also important to consider the types of coverage needed for full protection of their properties. The level of exposure that marinas and boat harbors face is often higher due to the fact that they are handling a large number of boats at once in addition to their own ocean-based property. From protection for the storage of boats to fire protection and premises liability, making sure your marina or harbor insurance policy includes the right coverage for your needs is essential to you and those who entrust you with the storage of their watercraft.

What is Marina Insurance?

Boat Dealer and Marina Insurance insures the liability exposures associated with the daily operations of a marina including those related to the care, custody, and control (CCC) of watercraft. When it comes to Marina Insurance, you need coverage for your property, as well as the property of other boat owners. This coverage generally includes both land and waterborne exposures that take place at the marina.

As the marina operator, you are responsible for giving vessels that make use of your facilities a place to reach, to stay and to depart from. Your job is to advice the owners of the boats you house of any hazards or deficiencies associated with the Marina. If as a marina owner you fail to do so, then you become liable to the vessel operator for damages. With the number of boats in Florida, protection from these liabilities is essential!

What Marina Insurance Coverage do I Need?

Kretschmer Insurance offers a wide variety of coverage types to fit your boatyards needs. While individual boat owners gain peace of minds with boat insurance, marina and boatyard owners require several types of insurance in order to be fully protected. Our marina insurance policies often include a combination of business coverage, as well as additional coverage specifically for marinas.

Kretschmer Commercial Marina Insurance

Marina, harbor, or boatyard insurance from Kretschmer starts with a Commercial Package Policy, which usually involves:

  • A traditional commercial property policy covering the building, contents and loss of business income from fire, wind, explosion, vandalism, etc.
  • An inland marine floater to cover mobile property such as travel lifts, fork lifts, compressors and portable tools.
  • General liability coverage

You will likely need separate coverage for:

  • Owned boats or barges used as work or tow vessels
  • Any borrowed, hired or non-owned vessels or barges
  • Docks, piers, pilings and bulkheads
  • Employees (workers compensation and employment practices liability insurance)
  • Commercial automobiles and trailers used to move boats, pick up supplies, etc. (commercial auto insurance)
  • Non-owned or borrowed autos
  • Flooding (flood insurance)

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Kretschmer Insurance offers broad and flexible insurance coverages developed to meet the unique needs of marina and yacht clubs. We work with a network of top-tier insurers to deliver competitively priced, end-to-end insurance solutions to protect your investment. We provide protection for both land-based and maritime exposures with policies customized to your needs. With a marina policy from Kretschmer Insurance, you’ll gain enhanced confidence for your business knowing you’re covered against as many eventualities as possible.

Kretschmer Insurance is built on partnerships in business coverage. We don’t work for the insurance industry. We work for you! If you’re ready to partner with an independent Florida insurance agency that puts your interests first, call Kretschmer Insurance today at (772)467-6656. Or for a free online Inland Marine insurance quote, just fill out the "get a quote" form on this page!

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